How do we boost our energy

How do we boost our energy

How do we boost our energy?

Fatigue is a common problem for all of us and may disturb our daily routine .However , there are things you can do to boost  your energy levels.

Here are some tips to increase your energy and reduce fatigue:

  1. Reduce stress

Stress consumes huge amounts of energy. Relaxation therapies like meditation,  yoga or talking with family or friends are effective ways to reduce stress.

  1. Try not to exhaust yourself

One of the main reasons for fatigue is overworking yourself and not getting a rest from your work. Try to reduce your to-do list and ask for help if needed.

  1. Exercise

Exercise gives you more energy to circulate oxygen ,may help you sleep, and elevates your mood.

  1. Avoid smoking

In addition to the  countless negative effects on health , smoking also  consumes your  energy due to nicotine, which has an insomnia effect.

  1. Use caffeine

Caffeine  helps increase alertness, but do not over consume it, as  large amounts can cause insomnia, deprive you of sleeping. and eventually cause fatigue.

6.Decrease your alcohol intake

Avoid drinking alcohol, especially at lunch, as its  sedative effect is strong at midday.

  1. Drink water

When your body is dehydrated and needs fluids , one of the signs of a lack of fluids is fatigue.

  1. Use healthy diet

Switching up your eating habits to  foods with a low glycemic index  may help boost energy. Foods with a low glycemic index provide a slow and stable release of fuel. Low glycemic index foods  such as  whole grains, nuts, , high-fiber vegetables and oils that benefit your body  such as olive oil, following a healthy  diet significantly affects your energy levels, and you need to eat enough food to get the energy you need.

  1. Limit your intake of added sugar

Sugar energy wears off quickly and can leave you feeling more tired than before. This is because high sugar foods have a high glucose index, which  cause a sharp spike in blood sugar levels, and the body releases a  large amount of insulin to deal with this sugar and transport it to tissues away from the blood.


Not getting enough sleep may be the cause of your tiredness. Doctors suggest that 7 hours of sleep can be enough for most people .

11.Check for a pathological cause

If you feel tired all day and have tried to boost your energy without any improvement, you need to talk to your doctor about your symptoms, as there may be a pathological cause for fatigue that you need to take a blood test to check if you have it.


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